Customer Service for Healthcare Professionals

Type of Study
Online, Paper
Professional Skills
Study Time
12 months
Online Course Cost
£125 (Exc VAT)
Paper Course Cost
£160 (Exc VAT)
Entry Criteria
You must be working in a customer service role
Course Overview

Customer service is vital in any organisation; however, its key position is often overlooked. It is the best marketing strategy a company can possess.

Our Customer Service Course will develop you, or your staff, to become customer service champions, demonstrating that customer service should be honest, simple and straightforward, free from jargon and ambiguity.

If you want to become a dynamic, customer service based organisation that can see the bigger picture and provide exceptional service, enrol right away.

How will this course benefit me?

This course will help you to detail the importance of world-class customer service and enable you to promote a positive impression of yourself and your organisation.

How is the course delivered?

This course consists of six units, which contain all the information that learners will need to progress through the qualification. Assessment is carried out as a workbook for the learner to complete.

The Course Content
Unit 1
Communicate Using Customer Service Language

This section looks at types of organisations, the effects of customer service, types of customers and your job role.

Unit 2
Follow the Rules to Deliver Customer Service

You will look at rules and procedures of your organisation and legislative requirements.

Unit 3
Dealing with Customers Face to Face

This module focuses on dealing with customers, building rapport and dealing with difficult situations.

Unit 4
Resolve Customer Service Problems

Here you will learn to diagnose and deal with problems and complaints.

Unit 5
Deliver Reliable Customer Service

This section looks at how you can deliver reliable service, monitor it and obtain feedback on your service.

Unit 6
Develop Customer Service Relationships

Here you concentrate on developing long-term relationships and the economics of repeat business


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