Leadership for Pharmacy Managers

Type of Study
Study Time
1 day
Workshop Course Cost
£125 (Exc VAT)
Type of Study

One-day off site workshop supported with pre and post workshop activities.

Who is this course suitable for?

Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians. This course is designed for existing managers who wish to enhance their leadership skills or for those individuals who are stepping into a management role for the first time.

Course Overview

The need for great leadership in pharmacy to drive patient outcomes and business performance has become more important than ever. This course has been developed alongside the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model adopted by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, to help you start your journey to becoming a great leader. Through this course you will identify the behaviours and skills required for successful leadership and explore the techniques by which they can be acquired.

How will this course benefit me?

All participants will benefit from:

  • An evaluation of existing traits, strengths and areas for development
  • Understanding the impact of your own behaviour and how it affects your performance as well as the performance of your team
  • Developing a personalised plan of realistic changes to commit to implement back in the workplace with measurable goals aimed at improving personal effectiveness and team performance.
The Course Content
Leadership and You
What will I learn?

To be a good leader you need to know how you perceive and manage your own life and identify how your personal traits may be limiting your effectiveness.

Leading your Team
What will I learn?

What motivates a team? How do you engage your team with your vision? Learn what can keep them content and focussed, even at times of significant change.

Leadership Beyond
What will I learn?

No leader is an island. A leader who isolates will limit personal & organisational growth. How can you engage with others to maximise opportunities and promote your personal brand.


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