Level 2 Equivalent in Team Leading for Healthcare Professionals

Type of Study
Online, Paper
Professional Skills
Study Time
12 months
Online Course Cost
£295 (Exc VAT)
Paper Course Cost
£345 (Exc VAT)
Entry Criteria
No previous management qualifications are necessary but you will need a team to lead
Course Overview

Team leaders gain respect not from their position, but from their actions. Our course enables team leaders to develop the core principals of communication and motivation, as well as managing performance and giving balanced feedback.

If you want to become a driven leader who understands team dynamics, enrol right away.

How will this course benefit me?

This course will communicate the key skills necessary to become a great team leader. Effective team leadership can bring disparate individuals together and make the team much more than the sum of its parts. This qualification will provide team leaders with the necessary tools to draw the best out of each member of staff for the greater good of the team.

How is the course delivered?

This course benefits from a dedicated website where learners can download course materials. It is made up of five modules, four core and one optional. Each module has an assignment workbook for you to complete and then email back to Buttercups to be assessed. Of course, you can still choose the paper-based version and submit homework by post if preferred.

The Course Content
Core Modules
Module 1
Manage personal development

Here you will look at methods of identifying your own performance requirements, measure your progress against them, identify gaps in your own skills and knowledge and assess your activity against your own development plan

Module 2
Develop working relationships with colleagues

You will focus on the benefits of good working relationships, what professionalism means, effective communication, how to identify potential for conflict and how to address it

Module 3
Communicate information and knowledge

You will study how to identify what information is required, different communication methods and how and when to adapt them to the situation

Module 4
Plan, allocate and monitor the work of a team

A team manager must be able to plan and allocate work, but also needs to evaluate performance and seek to improve it

Optional Modules - choose one from the following
Module 5
Support team members in identifying, developing and implementing new ideas

Innovation is important to encourage creativity but new ideas need evaluating prior to implementation

Module 6
Manage conflict in a team

Conflict can be a team's undoing - you need to be able to avoid, identify and contain it!

Module 7
Participate in meetings

Meetings can be useful - here you will learn about how to participate effectively and then communicate the outcomes to relevant stakeholders

Module 8
Make effective decisions

You will study strategies for making effective decisions and how to communicate reasons for making them

Module 9
Manage customer service in your area of responsibility

Here you will look at strategies for improving service and the importance of reviewing procedures to drive improvement


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