Level 2 RSPH Award in Applied Health Improvement

Type of Study
Online, Paper
Public Health
Study Time
Suggested 22 learning hours
Online Course Cost
£63 (+VAT) and £82 (+VAT) RSPH certification fee
Paper Course Cost
£79 (+VAT) and £82 (+VAT) RSPH certification fee
Course Overview

Healthcare is changing. The emphasis is shifting from just treating illness, to promoting good health and individuals taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing – whether it be quitting smoking, doing more exercise, losing weight, drinking alcohol wisely or eating five pieces of fruit a day.

The Level 2 Award in Applied Health Improvement - supported by the Department of Health - helps employers and organisations of all types and sizes support a healthy workforce and assists front-line staff perform better in any general ‘health promotion’ role. The RSPH developed the unique Applied Health Improvement qualification and it’s delivered by Buttercups as an online course as a direct response to the government’s Choosing Health: Making healthy choices and tackling health inequalities agendas.

The course builds on the knowledge gained from the Level 2 RSPH Award in Understanding Health Improvement to cover new topics designed to promote healthy living and support individuals towards a healthier lifestyle.

How will this course benefit me?

The course aims to enable participants to identify facilities which can aid the development of health improvement strategies in the community. It shows how to support members of the community in attaining a healthier lifestyle. It also explores how to better communicate with individuals to support their goals and record outcomes relating to health improvement.

Both the RSPH and Department of Health believe that the workplace offers a real opportunity for health improvement, and employers are increasingly supporting the issue of staff health and wellbeing as good practice. Of course, you are in an ideal place to promote healthy living to your local community too.

Our colleague found the course interesting and informative and, as a result, he has grown in confidence. The training has helped him, our pharmacy and, most importantly, our customerDavid Mason, Hurn Chemist

This course is delivered in the form of a workbook which contains exercises and case studies designed to allow you to put into practice the theory from the Level 2 Understanding Health Improvement course. This workbook contains six sections:

The Course Content
Section 1
How to understand public health information

This section focuses on how to read and understand data produced by Public Health Observatories.

Section 2
Identifying facilities that could contribute to health improvement

This concentrates on the services and facilities that are available to support people to improve their health and wellbeing and how you can help people to access these.

Section 3
Supporting individuals looking to improve their health

This helps you to develop your own skills in providing practical advice and support to people trying to improve their health.

Section 4
How to record information about behaviour and behaviour change

This section looks at methods used for recording and measuring health outcomes.

Section 5
Communication methods relevant to health improvement

This section looks at the legal requirements, guidelines and best practices around confidentiality issues.

Section 6
Communication methods relevant to health improvement

This looks at different ways healthy messages can be communicated.