Pre-registration Pick 'n' Mix BNF Bundles

Type of Study
Pre-registration Pharmacists
Online Course Cost
£48 (£40 + VAT) per package

Let's face it - reading the BNF is hard work and it can be difficult to know how best to approach the chapters in a way that will prepare you well for the registration assessment.

BNF Pick 'n' Mix bundles are designed to get you using the texts in a more practical, engaging way. Choose your chapters and then work through fact-finding examples and case studies with your 'Bitesized BNF' workbook, test your knowledge with a set of exam-style questions (including 'resource pack' questions) and tackle any outstanding issues in your own personal webinar tutorial with a Buttercups pharmacist tutor.

Whether you're anxious about antibiotics, baffled by beta-blockers or confused by chemotherapy, our BNF Pick 'n' Mix bundles can help.


Contact us directly within your course in order to arrange support from your Buttercups Pharmacist Tutor.