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Buttercups Receives Good in its First Full Ofsted Inspection

Ofsted inspection is an important way to demonstrate the quality of our apprenticeship provision, and show the dedication our teams have to giving learners and their employers the best possible learning experience. It allows Buttercups to continue to train the latest generation of pharmacy professionals to the highest standard.


The Ofsted inspectors commented that apprentices enjoy their programmes and are highly motivated, and that their employer workplace training supervisors are highly skilled and qualified. Our tutors’ enthusiasm and knowledge was shown to help apprentices understand how to apply theory in the workplace, and the inspectors praised their extensive knowledge about pharmacy and teaching. Our apprentices benefit from access to high-quality resources that support their mental health and our welfare team provides high levels of support when apprentices need it. The inspection shows that we have a ‘highly ambitious curriculum that definitively meets the needs of the sector’.


Despite the very difficult time that pharmacy has experienced since the start of the pandemic, apprentices demonstrated commitment to their role, and that they make a real difference to their communities. The inspectors commented that ‘apprentices demonstrate very high levels of resilience to continue to work, study and undertake community activity while the pandemic continues to place extra pressures on them and the sector’. Our apprentices and their employers should be incredibly proud – we certainly are!


The inspection identified where we are excelling - we were shown to be Outstanding in leadership and management and Behaviour and attitudes - and gives a good insight into the development of our programmes. As with our previous monitoring visits, we will use this opportunity to keep learning and developing, to provide world class training and education.


The full report can be found by clicking here.


As always, thank you to our learners, staff and the organisations we work with for your continued commitment and support.

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